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Things to do in Westport in 2018

There’s a never ending selection of things to do in Westport for this summer – so whether you’re visiting for a full week or just a weekend, at The adventure Islands you will find the best Westport activities and unmissable things to do in this incredible place.


Westport Woods Hotel – 3 Star Hotel Westport

With its Beech Health Club & Spa, residents of the Westport Woods Hotel can avail of an 18 mt swimming pool, a Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Seaweed Baths and a fully equiped Gymnasium. There is also a children's playground at the back of the hotel with swings, miniature golf etc. for the kids to enjoy.

The Westport Woods Hotel is also the most environmentally friendly hotel in Westport by not using any oil, by using low enery light bulbs, and by utilizing solar power thusly reducing the hotels carbon footprint by 65%. This is truly the greenest Westport acccommodations available.

When it comes to Westport accommodations, next only to the Atlantic Coast Hotel, the Westport Woods Hotel is the second closest hotel to the Quay harbour area. The real beauty of this hotel is the fact that it is approximately half way between Westport's Quay harbour and Westport town. So for those who would like to enjoy the best of sea life from scenic walks to fishing, and town life from evening restaurant dinning to nightlife, the Westport Woods Hotel is the best of both worlds with both within a walking distance. There is also a fantastic array of nightly music in the hotel that is particularly appealing to older generations of guests. The hotel also has a spectacular leisure facility with full spa, Jacuzzi etc and impressive crèche facilities. Food here is of a very good quality and is very reasonably priced. The hotel is also walking distance from Westport House*, a must for all the family.

No. of rooms: 122
For further information and prices visit:

The Woods Hotel Westport accommodations & The Adventure Islands recreations

Great news for residents of The Westport Weeds Hotel is that the west's premier adventure company, The Adventure Islands are located directly behind the lake at the back of the hotel. The Adventure Islands land base is only five minutes walk from the hotel door. The Adventure Islands sea base is located 12 minutes away from the hotel by car. Westport accommodations at The Woods Hotel are a fabulous adventure with The Advneuture Islands. Beginning with the land base, here is a complete list of activities available for Westport Woods residents via The Adventure Islands:

Archery @ Land Base
Laser Combat Games @ Land Base
Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting @ Land Base
Sky Challenge (High Ropes) @ Land Base
Zorbing @ Land Base
Zip Line @ Land Base
Horse Trekking @ Sea Base
Snorkeling @ Sea Base
Dinghy Sailing @ Sea Base
Stand Up Paddleboarding @ Sea Base
Surfing / Kitesurfing @ Sea Base
Sea Safari @ Sea Base
Sea Kayaking @ Sea Base
Wakeboarding @ Sea Base
Sea Trampoline @ Sea Base

– Archery @ Land Base

Testing your skills of co-ordination and aim are great fun for all the family. The best advantage of doing some archery with The Adventure Islands is that you are instructed by a highly qualified archer who is more than willing to give you advice on how to optimize your shot. Our instructors will banish away the sinners and have you really hitting the bullseye with confidence. Persons from the age of 8 upwards can enjoy this fantastic activity.

– Laser Combat Games @ Land Base

Either you come to our combat zone as part of a group, or you come in order to join a group, but either way, Combat Games is a group activity and it is best conducted this way. Usually, a group will be broken in two before opposing each other across the expanse of the combat zone. The combat area is in a great location amongst the rugged forestry of the 480 acre Westport House estate. Like the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, safety is also ensured here because of the laser system. Successful shots will sound and the score will tally up automatically, but there is no pain or mess for targeted persons. Instructors here have had every kind of combateer on these grounds from school group students to hen and stag parties.

– Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting @ Land Base

This is a nice progression forward from Archery, or as done vice versa as both test your skills of marksmanship. This is different to traditional Clay Pigeon Shooting in that the shotgun riffles used are decommissioned. This means that they no longer fire a real bullet, instead they send out a laser beam, and when this beam is aligned properly (target is correct), then the sound of breaking clay will be audible. This is because the laser beam coming from the decommisioned riffle is picked up by a sensor on the clay itself, so the signal of the successful shot is sent back to the score board. Not only can you tell which members of the group successfully connected with the target, but it can also show you the chronological order of who shot first, second etc. This makes this activity perfectly safe for children and other vunerable people. Another advantage of the laser is that multiple persons can take aim at a single airbourne clay, meaning that no person in the group has to wait their turn.

– Sky Challenge (High Ropes) @ Land Base

Of all available activites, The Sky Challenge done as a single activity is very, very worthwhile indeed. This activity is fantastic value for money because there are actually a total of 26 activities incorporated in the complete structure. These are done over three levels and they include a vertical Free Fall Leap of Faith, an airbourne High Five Challenge and a riviting Sky Line forest zip way. There are multiple instructors covering all levels of this high ropes course with safety further ensured by the fact that harnesses are used throughout the challenge. Other ropes activities of the challenge include rope nets, climbing walls, rope bridges, hanging gardens, pullies, threadways, rollers and swings.

– Zorbing @ Land Base

Imagine jumping inside a giant plastic ball, harnessing yourself into its inner walls, and being rolled down a massive hill. This is the basic gist of what happens when you enter a zorb. It is hillarious fun to do in in clusters of groups with the maximum ball capacity of three persons allowed. There is also a second option known as 'Hydro-Zorbing', where you do exactly the same as before except you have warm water splish and splashing around your ball as you roll.

– Zip Line @ Land Base

For those who have completed the Sky Challenge, you have already zipped through the forest canopy in doing the Skyline. However, in the Westport House land base, there are actually two different Ziplines, one as part of the Sky Challenge, and one as a single Zipline activity. The really good news for any person doing the Zipline activity, is that this Zip chord is the longest operational one to be found anywhere in the Republic of Ireland!.

– Horse Trekking @ Sea Base

The equestrian life is loved by many adventure seekers. With horse trekking, you get the opportunity to witness some beautiful sites that are not available to motorists etc. You'll see natural off-road scenery, old ruins and even some of the more rural and rustic elements of what has blended into the natural environment. All the equipment from helmets to saddles are supplied and there is an experienced instructor guide there for you at all times. Some of the more favored Horse Treks are done along one of the several beeches found in the Clew Bay area. Without exerting much energy, this is a lovely way for those with Woods Hotel Westport accommodations to get around the countryside and take in some curious local wonders.

– Snorkeling @ Sea Base

Take the high-speed-rib transfer from Rosmoney Pier out to the private island of adventure, from there you put on a wetsuit and a mask and snorkel and you take to the various places of interest around the many drumlins of Clew Bay in Westport. On a clear day in particular you'll be amazed at the many and varied sea life that you will come in contact with and you'll find yourself in a world that is probably the most tranquil and dreamlike setting imaginable during waking hours.

– Dinghy Sailing @ Sea Base

Above the Clew Bay tide, this is the most tranquil activity you can partake in. This is because sailing boats have no engine on board so there is no engine noise to put up with during you session. You will get to see the best seascapes of the bay with qualified instructors at hand for your safety and benefit at all times. All members of The Adventure Islands staff are fully ISA qualified and have at their disposal the absolute best in sailing equipment.

– Stand Up Paddleboarding @ Sea Base

On the spectacular private sea base, there is an activity that is perfect for those intending to get to grips with surfing from a rudimentary level. Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great way to achieve standing mobility, without having to rely on waves to get you moving. For this reason, it can be done in freshwater also, meaning for example that SUP can take place on the lake on the grounds of Westport House. Obviously, traditional surfing couldn't be done here as there are no waves. Once the person masters command of a Paddleboard, then the next step is to make attempts toward traditional surfing while others just prefer the relaxation and mobility of the SUPs.

– Surfing / Kitesurfing @ Sea Base

Surfing is not conducted on the private island of adventure. The reason being is that Collanmore Island is in a very sheltered part of the bay. This means that the water here is less rough that the more open expanses with no wind shield. For this reason, Adventure Islands Surfing is conducted from Achill Island, a place that has held the International Wind Surfing Competition. Achill, with it Cliff's that are the largest in Europe has very impressive waves off its coast and this is why the top names in international surfing have returned again and again to Achill.

– Sea Safari @ Sea Base

The exciting Sea Safari is the best way to quickly get around to all the hot spots of the bay. Excursions are done aboard a high-speed-rib and there is a lot to learn about local history and folklore from the qualified and experienced tour guide that will show you around the Bay.

–Sea Kayaking @ Sea Base

Kayaking is immesely popular with all age groups and it is a very pleasant way to get around the bay area. The Adventure Islands cater for everybody from novice kayakers to experienced folk with a skilled and qualified team of instructors at hand for every session. For beginners, we offer Sit On Top Kayaks and for experienced people, we offer the regular Sit In Kayaks. Sit On Top sessions last 2 hours while regular Kayaking sessions last 3 hours. The Adventure Islands keep to an optimised staff to customer ratio on all Kayaking excursions.

– Wakeboarding @ Sea Base

This activity is the most extreme sport in The Adventure Islands recreations catelogue. Persons taking part in this must have experience on a Wakeboard as the activity is extremly fast with next to no margin for error. Novices and first-timers to sea activities cannot partake in Wakeboarding for reasons of safety.

– Sea Trampoline @ Sea Base

Whether it has been elderly groups, school tours, corporate parties or hens and stags, it is a given that groups don't leave the private island of adventure without having tried this amazing trampoline. With wetsuits and buoyancy aids, particpants jump and tumble on the trampoline in exactly the same fastion as a regular trampoline. When you miss the trampoline you simply splash into the sea before getting back up again. There is also an exciting 'launch pad' feature which means that at any given time, a member of the group positions their self on the launch pad while the rest of the group jump on the opposite end of the lever, expanding the pad and sending the person high into the sky before crashing down into the tide. This is one of the very best things to do in Westport.

The Woods Hotel Westport accommodations & The Adventure Islands recreations for the elderly

We've found that there are three main activities most enjoyed and requested by elderly people. Two of them are done on the sea base and one of them is conducted on the land base. Here is a brief discription of the activities:

Deep Sea Fishing @ Sea Base
Bike Hire and Bike Trekking @ Great Western Greenway
Sea Safari @ Sea Base
Guided Island Walks @ Sea Base

– Deep Sea Fishing @ Sea Base

Deep Sea Fishing trips can be done for a whole day or a half day. Normally, the boat will leave the Quay harbor between 9:30 and 10:00am for the morning trip, and then 1:00 or 1:30pm for the evening trip. The boat is fully equiped with fishing rods, rain jackets, buoyancy aids, lifejackets, radar, C.B etc. The skipper of the boat gives complimentary cooked food for lunch once the boat is anchored for fishing and offers those aboard the chance to taste some of their catch completely fresh, cooked there and then. This is a great day out for elderly people with Woods Hotel Westport accommodations giving them a chance to catch a variety of fish including: Mackeral, Pollock, Cod, Ling, Ray and Skate.

– Bike Hire and Bike Trekking @ Great Western Greenway

For very reasonable rates indeed, we give you all the cycling accessories from bikes to lights and helmets. Once you are kitted out, you take to the Great Western Greenway, a terrifically scenic 47K circuit route that goes via Newport, Mulranny, Achill and Westport. The Great Western Greenway is on a trail separate to any road in these areas so there is no traffic impedence or pollutants to take away from the quality of your cycle trek.

– Sea Safari @ Sea Base

The exciting Sea Safari is the best way to quickly get around to all the hot spots of the bay. Excursions are done aboard a high-speed-rib and there is a lot to learn about local history and folklore from the qualified and experienced tour guide that will show you around.

– Sailing @ Sea Base

This is a great activity for the elderly because of the experience of sheer peace that can be enjoyed. At the same time, the routes are incredibly scenic with views of Croagh Patrick, Achill Island and Clare Island to be discovered.

– Guided Island Walks @ Sea Base

Elderly persons with Westport accommodations can opt for a rib-transfer to the island of adventure before taking to their heels on a Guided Island Walk over their own choice of island. Anyone who knows Clew Bay knows that there are many islands located in its gorgeous hub that have a sheltered calmness. With an excellent tour guide, you'll find out lots of interesting information on local history, folklore and heritage before finishing off your Guided Island Walk with a delicious Island Picnic or a tasty Island Bbq. After your meal you are then transferred back to the mainland again.

The Woods Hotel Westport accommodations & The Adventure Islands recreations – Adventure Package deals & contacts

Westport accommodation adventures can work out at even better value when the bookings are for large groups. When there are multiple activities involved, groups can avail of package deals that are reasonably priced and tailored accordingly to their interests.

To find out more about The Adventure Islands you can simply make enquiries at the reception of The Westport Woods Hotel , you can log on to , you can find us on Twitter and Facebook , or check out our reviews on

Tickets for our land activities on the grounds of the Westport House estate can be purchased at the Westport House Ticket Office, while bookings for our private island adventures can be made by calling into our Bridge Street office, or by phoning our office with your credit card details. With quality lodging and excellent adventure, we hope that you enjoy your Westport accommodations at The Westport Woods Hotel.

To contact The Adventure Islands, you can email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you can call to our office on Bridge Street Westport from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, or you can call our Operations Director anytime on +353 98 26907.


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