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Things to do in Westport in 2018

There’s a never ending selection of things to do in Westport for this summer – so whether you’re visiting for a full week or just a weekend, at The adventure Islands you will find the best Westport activities and unmissable things to do in this incredible place.


The Wyatt Hotel – 3 Star Hotel Westport

Westport accommodations don't get any more central than the Wyatt Hotel. In fact, this hotel is so central that it was formerly named 'The Central Hotel' before being purchased and revamped by its current owners. The hotel has won two highly sought after 'Lucinda O' Sullivan' awards in 2011 for both accommodation and food and its rustic Cobbler's Bar is a favorite haunt of both locals and quests.

wyatt hotel westport

The Wyatt Hotel is in a great location in the very centre of Westport town and is named after one of two architects that planned the nucleus of Westport's street layout as it stands today. It is located in front of the Octagon with its statue of St. Patrick, Ireland's patron saint. The hotel caters for medium to large wedding receptions, Westport accommodations, parties etc and is a fantastic place to stay for those who like to hear traditional Irish music with its Cobbler's bar hosting regular traditional music sessions played by the finest local musicians. Players are always welcome to join in the Cobbler's session and over the years there have been many notable session musicians from many continents taking part. Some of the finest local art and oldest local photography is to be found adorning the walls of this highly sophisticated hotel, making it a culturally vibrant option for Westport accommodations. The back car park of the hotel is actually adjoined to the Westport Leisure Park, the entrance of which is literally only steps away, meaning that full leisure facilities are available to quests of the Wyatt Hotel.

No. of rooms: 51
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The Wyatt Hotel Westport accommodations & The Adventure Islands recreations

The number one adventure provider in Westport is The Adventure Islands. Once you look at our rating and reviews on the Trip advisor website you'll see why The Adventure Islands is the very best adventure provider in the west. With The Adventure Islands, top activities and equipment are coordinated most effectively by top caliber instructors who place safety as the paramount consideration.

Westport accommodations recreations – adventure bases and locations

The Adventure Islands base on which land activities are conducted is located on the grounds of Westport House estate. There are three different routes that a person can take from the Wyatt Hotel to get to the grounds: the route by the Quay harbor, the route by Westport demesne (walking), and the golf course road route. The Wyatt Hotel is equidistant to both the Quay Harbor entrance and the demesne entrance. There is also a forth entrance open for the duration of the Westport Festival of Music and Food on what is known as 'Church Lane' entrance, which is at the back of the Wyatt Hotel, making it ideal Westport accommodations for festival attendees.

The Wyatt Hotel Westport accommodations & The Adventure Islands Sea base recreations

There is further good news for those staying in the Wyatt Hotel. Just ten minutes signposted drive from the hotel door, down the golf course road, you'll find the pier at Rosmoney. From this pier directly in front of Mayo Sailing Club, you'll take a 2-minute rib transfer to a private island. It is here that every sea/water activity of the Adventure Islands recreation catalogue takes place. From army commando gear on the Westport House grounds to wetsuits on the private island, the range of things to do in Westport goes even further once you step onto this shoreline, because Collanmore in Clew bay is Ireland's only private island of adventure, proud home of The Adventure Islands.

The Wyatt Hotel Westport accommodations recreations for kids:

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting @ Land Base
Archery @ Land Base
Zorbing @ Land Base
Laser Combat Games @ Land Base
High Ropes Course @ Land Base
Sea Safari @ Sea Base
Sea Kayaking / Stand Up Paddleboarding @ Sea Base
Snorkeling @ Sea Base
Kitesurfing / Surfing @ Sea Base
Sea Trampoline @ Sea Base

– Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting @ Land Base

What fun you'll find on the Westport House grounds . . . there, the premier adventure provider in the west, The Adventure Islands have parents and children spoilt for choice of things to do in Westport. Children can expect to have a marvelous time on these grounds. In absolute safety, they can try their target practice with some 'laser' clay pigeon shooting, meaning that there is no risk whatsoever of the child injuring his/herself for the duration of the activity. The shotguns used, although in operation once upon a time, have been decommissioned for safety purposes and do not actually fire real bullets. The laser beam is picked up by the sensor on the clay pigeon and the 'breaking of clay sounds' when a successful shot has been made. The score tallies up automatically on the board.

– Archery @ Land Base

Archery as an activity is something enjoyed by all age groups and with proper supervision and instruction from a top team of archers, safety is guaranteed at all times on the archery range. Just like the laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, the participant must focus their hand/eye co-ordination in a poised manner in order to make the target.

– Zorbing @ Land Base

Imagine a giant transparent ball with a hollow section at its core surrounded by a spherical air vacuum. This is what a Zorbing ball looks like and it is the air vacuum that gives it its comfortable bounce. Up to three people can strap themselves into a ball and the idea then is to travel at some speed down a large hill bouncing and rolling head-over-heels as you go. The fun is second to none for those who choose the Zorb. Often times one or two parents will accompany a child for the roll.

– Laser Combat Games @ Land Base

Both kids groups and adult groups can take to the wild forest terrain decked out in commando gear and war paint for some exciting strategy, adrenaline, and competitive gamming. Like the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, what makes this activity less dangerous than contact 'paint-balling' for example, is that the shot contact is not physical but rather virtual with a sensor picking up the laser of each decommissioned shotgun. Strikes are signaled by a sound audible both to the assassin and his target and when the game is finished, each player's score has been tallied up automatically. This is an excellent group activity for both adults and kids from the age of eight up. It has been immensely popular among touring school groups and hens and stags in particular.

– High Ropes Course @ Land Base

Yet again, this too is a fantastic group activity for kids and adults. This rope, metal and wood monstrosity is a labyrinth of challenges and obstacles. As the name suggests, the course is conducted at high altitudes, giving the high-roper an even greater buzz. It has a total of 24 activity elements that are spanned over three different levels. You will climb, roll, slide, jump and much more at your own pace in a non-competitive environment that's lots of fun.

– Sea Safari @ Sea Base

This is a fantastic way for families, birthday parties, hens, stags, school tours and so on to get to see the sublime vastness of the beautiful Clew bay scenery in a short period of time.

– Sea Kayaking / Stand Up Paddleboarding @ Sea Base

Both of these activities cover a smaller area than the sea safari but are unique in their own way by being more active than passive. On the sea safari, the experienced guide brings you to where they feel the best sights and sounds are, but with the kayaking and paddle-boarding, with an excellent staff to person ratio ensuring safe practice, you are free to control the maneuver of your kayak or board, and the exploration direction that you take. Both of these activities are a great way to get out on the water and exploring the bay.

– Snorkeling @ Sea Base

As simple as this activity appears to be, it is actually a favorite amongst The Adventure Islands staff. They delight in being asked to bring a group of people of any age out on a tranquil expedition of discovery just below the Clew bay tide. On a clear day the biodiversity visible below the water is of many shapes, sizes and colors and is truly another aesthetic world to behold.

– Kitesurfing / Surfing @ Sea Base

On the western side of Europe, there are few places that can boast of having exceptionally large surfs like those found in the west of Ireland. This is partly due to the lack of wind shelter along Ireland's western regions. It's no wonder that competitive surfers from all over the world enjoy making a visit here to catch some gigantic waves. The Adventure Islands can cater for the advanced surfer by supplying them with the best of equipment, while also catering for those new to surfing that need expert beginner tuition to get started, and to feel safe and secure at all times.

– Sea Trampoline @ Sea Base

This activity brings the fun lover out of absolutely everybody. Young people laugh ecstatically while on the trampoline and older people start acting like children. It has a great feature whereby each member of the group takes turn placing their self on the launch pad. The onus is on the other members of the group to take the wildest leap possible onto the inflated lever in order to send the launched person as high as possible into the Clew bay sky before splashing into the sea.

The Wyatt Hotel Westport accommodations recreations – Adults and elderly:

Not every group that contact The Adventure Islands are looking specifically for high energy activity and sports. In our experience, we get many people looking to have a relaxing time where they can take in the local scenery and enjoy a day with loved ones at a nice easy pace. In such15px; cases, here are some suggestions:

Bike Hire
Horse Trekking
Dinghy Sailing @ Sea Base
Island Guided Walks

– Bike Hire

With a superb 42k non-trafficked Greenway cycle track connecting Westport, Newport, Mulranny and Achill, residents of the Wyatt Hotel can enjoy a relaxing day of sightseeing on their bikes and lap back to town again if they so wish. The Greenway is stunningly scenic with much of the Mulranny/Achill section of track actually running along the coast itself.

– Horse Trekking

An even more scenic activity enjoyed by elderly adults as well as younger people is Horse Trekking. There are many bonuses to choosing this activity: 1) it requires little to no effort, 2) it is stunningly scenic and makes the rider privy to sights never to be seen or experienced by a cyclist or road user, 3) it is the most rural excursion available to those who want a glimpse into Ireland's agricultural past and the rural Irish heart.

– Dinghy Sailing @ Sea Base

Getting around Clew bay in absolute peace is never possible when there is an engine onboard the boat. However, this is not so for those who decide to sail. They are guaranteed a truly peaceful retreat into the magical Clew Bay waters where they can leave all their life worries and stresses on the pier behind them at Rosmoney.

– Island Guided Walks

This is truly the perfect day get away for elderly people with Westport accommodation at the Wyatt Hotel. On arrival at Rosmoney Pier they will be welcomed aboard The Adventure Island rib and transferred on to Collanmore Island, the largest inner island on Clew bay. There they will be welcomed on to the island by an experienced guide that will bring them around the island exhibiting and explaining heritage, folklore, history wildlife and scenery before a delicious (tea/coffee sandwiches/scones/salad) picnic on the beech. The complete walk is 2k on land, lasts roughly 1.5 hours and costs €25 per person.

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