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Things to do in Westport in 2018

There’s a never ending selection of things to do in Westport for this summer – so whether you’re visiting for a full week or just a weekend, at The adventure Islands you will find the best Westport activities and unmissable things to do in this incredible place.

Corporate Land Adventures 2018

Westport's home to The Adventure Islands Land Base in Westport Adventure park. There we have a wide variety of activities for your enjoyment, perfect for a staff getaway teambuilding session.

Target Practice - Archery and Archery Tag

We can start you off with some light activities conducted on an individual basis such as Archery and Archery Tag. It will be every man and every woman for themselves. These activities will test your target skills and give you an exciting induction to the teambuilding session. The person with the highest score wins.

 The team most co-ordinated and moving best in formation will inevitably wield the greater score.

Teamwork, Communication, Strategy, Reasoning - Islands in the Sky

After your Combat Games session, you'll take part in a series of challenges that require communication skills, logical reasoning, teamwork, and a certain degree of physicality. Firstly, the so called, 'Islands in the Sky' in which the total group is broken into two teams, each attempting to reach the same objective. The main objective is to try to get every member of the team on to the island via a swinging vine. When any member of your team misses the Island, the entire team, regardless of how many there are on the island, must leave the island and turn the opportunity over to the opposing team. Both teams attempt to co-ordinate themselves in order to rescue members in distress, for example, if certain members are having difficulty getting a foothold on the island, then their team must do everything in their power to help get them on. This could involve grabbing the person's legs, reaching out to catch them, linking two persons etc. During this process, if any member of the team already on the island falls off because of over-crowding etc, then, likewise, they must turn over the opportunity to fill the island to the opposing team.

Another clever strategy is to leave the doubtful members of your team until last, the reason being is that if you run out of time and the session ends, the team that got the most members onto the island will win, whereas if such people were put forward first, your team would probably come away with a lower score. To figure this out, you must communicate with your team members and discuss your team strategy.

Teamwork, communication, strategy, reasoning - Spider's Web

With the total group already broken into two groups, you'll be introduced to the elaborate lair of the 'Spider's Web'. The objective is to get your whole team through the web without making contact with it. Whenever contact is made, the opportunity is turned over to the other team. This game gets more and more cumbersome as it progresses, because initially, team members can facilitate those going through the web by holding it open. However, in time, this is no longer an option and the persons are eventually left to their own devices. Also, the sections of the web that have been entered 3 times are then deemed 'closed', and so team members must find alternative routes. The possible routes of entry become progressively more awkward as the game continues but both teams will have a great laugh watching the struggles and tribulations that are necessary to try to win the game. If you run out of time, the team that has got the most players through wins. If your team reasons correctly, they will see that it is better to opt for moderately difficult route during the time when they have the option of having the routes held open. And then when this help is unavailable, far easier routes will remain to go through. These are the kinds of ideas that will no doubt be communicated and utilized by the winning team, once they realise the importance of pragmatism in their strategy development.

Physicality, Balance and Self Belief - Sky Challenge Ropes Course

The 'Sky Challenge' is a holistic challenge because it requires the use of every limb, as well as a clear thinking mind that will co-ordinate each of them effectively. The challenge has been hugely popular with corporate groups as it gives them a platform on which to have great fun, while also allowing them help each other out in building up confidence to attempt the different challenges. It is interesting for the onlooker to see how the communication process develops among members as they make their way to the top level of the course. There are really multiple methods of doing each of the 26 elements of the course and so dialogue between participants is really a sharing of ideas in order to find the best method for each individual. There is also a certain amount of trial and error too, and this is a positive because people can often overlook the value of making mistakes. Some of the best lessons in personal and professional life stem from some of our biggest mistakes, but just like the Sky Challenge Course, the important thing is to learn from them and move forward with a positive frame of mind, ready for the next challenge that comes your way.

'Self belief' really comes into play when participant reach the top of the Sky Challenge structure. Two daunting (but optional) challenges await them there, 1) The Skyline Zip Chord, and, 2) The Free Fall Leap of Faith. If the participant can overcome the psychological impact of the sheer height of each of these challenges, they are in for a highly rewarding and pleasurable experience. The choice is theirs, but other members of the group that have tried these activities will most likely try to convince the frightened members to overcome their fears and phobias, and give them a go. In this sense there is an interpersonal side to the finale of the Sky Challenge, and there is usually a great interplay and sense of camaraderie developed in the process.

The advantages of bringing a corporate group to The Adventure Islands Land Base are:

  • Staff Induction
  • Staff Party Fun
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication Development
  • Promotion of Clear Reasoning
  • Decisiveness
  • Promotion of fitness

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